“Discover the great possibilities with Signs & Marks and give your brand the best“

At Signs & Marks, we are aware of the fact that packaging is a very important aspect that companies need to take into consideration, as the package itself is a crucial part of the brand and one of the most important marketing tools.

We offer custom manufactured packaging solutions of the highest quality and are able to provide you with a large selection of packaging possibilities in order to help you with communicating and prominently displaying your brand and its benefits. 

Signs & Marks is experienced in providing packaging ensembles such as Primary packaging for the single unit, which is ideal for getting the consumer’s attention. Secondary packaging for wholesale products and Tertiary packaging, which protects your product during shipping and handling.


The Signs & Marks Packaging Catalogue includes items such as: Packaging, boxes, gift boxes, tubes, hangers, coat hangers, bags, paper bags, plastic bags, cans, tin cans, giftribbon, gift ribbon, giftwrapping, gift wrapping, silkpaper, silk paper, stickers, wrapping paper, garment bags, suit bags, suitcases, suit cases, bedding, promotion, trends, fashion, branding, design, samples, artwork...