Service is a keyword for Signs & Marks, as we care about your business and your products.


Level of service

We operate with only one level of service… the one living up to your expectations. 

We try to provide you with the same contact person at all times. This is to optimise communication and understanding and from experience we know this will reduce lead time.

We consider service to be just as important as price, maybe even more important. This is why service is a very strong keyword at Signs & Marks.

A good price with a bad service often ends up being more costly!


World wide delivery and costumer stock

We deliver all over the world today, with delivery time as fast as 2 days outside Europe.

Our production facilities are placed in Europe, The Far East and South America. This enables us to place your production/order close to your main production. This saves money and time.

Each facility has its own speciality and are among the leading producers in its field. Therefore we deliver products of high quality with fast delivery times.

We offer to take care of all customs clearance, documents, stamps, etc. if such needed. This provides you with better delivery time.

As customer, you will have your own order form, custom designed for you and your type of products. This means that your supplier can easily order the needed products themselves and directly receive full logistic information.

We guarantee, through sufficient customer stock level, always to ship the order on the day of receipt.

Every job has full artwork service and needs your written approval before production.




Depending on type of product, material, design and quantities.
We can quote you prices within 2-3 working days on given product or design.

Delivery time?

Depending on type of product. You can find each delivery time per product group in the menu "products"

How do we get started?

Call us or send an email with your ideas or design. We will in 2-3 working days have prices, suggestion of material and a design proposal ready for you.

Does Signs & Marks offer customer stock availability?

We guarantee, through sufficient customer stock level, always to ship the order on the day of receipt.


24 Hours

To recognize the fact, that the earth is constantly moving, and so is your Business, Signs & Marks offer 24 hours full service.